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Meet the Center at 2300 Team

We are always committed to helping events succeed in every way possible. Learn a bit about our team's experiences, personalities, and the way we enjoy working with our clients on every aspect of their event.

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Kodi Media

Managing Director

I have always had an interest in the events space in one form or another. At a very early age, I entered into the world of musical performance as a classically trained cellist.


From High School onwards, I embraced the world of theatrical production, audio engineering, set design, and soon found myself working in the events field full time at The Sacramento Zoo's events department. It was there that I truly found my passion for events logistics and planning.


Since those days, I have made it my life's passion to continue learning everything there is to know about the operation of events at massive scales. I give dedication and a personal touch to each client I work with and always hunger for the next challenge that we can and will solve together.

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Heather Laird

Assistant Director

Events have always been a passion of mine big or small. I have always been a part of putting together events whether it was for my family and friends or a business. It was always fun to sit down and discuss their vision and make it come to life with my personal touch.


I have been a cake decorator, small cupcake business owner, a teacher and a celebration planner. I have planned events for schools, churches, business big and small, for families and even my daughter.


I am beyond excited to be a part of The Center at Twenty-Three Hundred. I look forward to working with so many of you and making sure that your events are truly amazing.

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